Tromsø International School

Today Tromsø is home to people from over 130 nations, and is characterised by an international atmosphere. The city hosts various cultural festivals, a thriving music scene, concerts, theatres, cinemas and nightlife. Tromsø is full of surprises; you can enjoy your caffè latte downtown or climb a mountain only a few minutes travel from the city. In Tromsø you can experience the energetic atmosphere of the midnight sun in the summer and be amazed by the spectacular northern lights during the polar nights in the winter. The region is unique.

The Port of Tromsø provides support to the Tromsø International School.

The Tromsø International School opened in January 2011 as a private school under the supervision of the Norwegian Ministry of Education. The purpose of the school is to offer international education at of a high standard. The education offered is based on the International Baccalaureate Programme.