Weather conditions and tides

Weather conditions

Tromsø’s proximity to the sea  means that daily and seasonal variations in temperature are small. In wintertime low pressure leads the gentle mild air to the north, but during the summer the northern wind is more dominant.

The dominant wind direction in Tromsø is south-west, especially in the winter months. Tromsø Island is located relatively well protected against strong winds from between south-east and north-east, so  all the strong winds that do come are from the west. Because of the high mountains, strong winds are rare in Tromsø, and storms rarely occur.

Due to the slope of the earth’s axis of rotation around the sun, the number of hours of sunlight varies throughout the year. In the wintertime the sun does not rise in Tromsø. The further north you are, the longer the polar nights become. The polar nights in Tromsø occur from 27 November to 15 January.

Towards the end of January the sun returns to Tromsø. The slope of the earth’s axis gives longer daylight hours during the summer in the northern parts of Norway, so long in fact, that the sun never sets, hence the so-called midnight sun. The midnight sun in Tromsø can be seen from 20 May to 22 July.

The port is always ice-free.

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High tides occur in Tromsø 1 hour and 19 minutes after the moon passes overhead. The difference between high and low tides is 1.77 metres. The difference between high tide and spring tide is 2.32 metres. The largest registered difference is 3.99 metres.

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