The Port of Tromsø has established facilities for the disposal of waste and cargo residue from ships.

All vessels entering the Port of Tromsø must notify Port Control at least 24 hours in advance of arrival of the types and amounts of waste they are carrying and intend to discharge in the port. The waste declaration form can be found under Forms in the main menu.

Port Control will provide assistance in contacting companies dealing with oily waste, cargo residue and sewage from ships. In order to deliver such waste fractions for disposal, vessels must have complied with the notification regulations and must be located at berths where reception of waste is practicable.

Charges for oily waste, cargo residue and sewage will be calculated on an individual basis according to type and quantity of waste and time of delivery. These charges will be collected by the waste disposal company involved.

For more information about or to order services please contact Port Control by phone: + 47 77 66 18 52, mobile: + 47 91 10 74 44 or by e-mail.