Tromsø Havn kai 25 i Breivika


The Port of Tromsø is one of Norway’s largest Fishing ports and cruise ports. It is also an important logistics hub in the High North. Our ambition is to be the preferred energy port in the North.

Quick facts

  • Located at latitude 69 °N
  • Total port quay length: 2 100 m
  • 8 615 ship calls at the port
  • 1 218 318 tonnes of cargo is loaded and unloaded at the port
  • 500 000 passengers
  • Total land area: 2 million m²
  • Total area of offices and warehouses: 34 500 m²
  • More than 100 businesses are based in our port areas
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Fields of work

  • We have responsibility for the development of the maritime business activities in the City of Tromsø’s maritime area
  • We shall facilitate growth, the establishment of new businesses and innovation in maritime businesses
  • We shall provide efficient port operations
  • We shall supervise the traffic and ensure safe traffic in the municipality’s maritime area
  • We shall manage the assets in a way that ensures the best possible developments for our clients and our owner

Social responsibility

  • The sea route is the environmental route…
  • Optimal energy consumption at the new passenger terminal…
  • Norway’s largest sea-based environmental project, Clean-up project for Tromsøy Sound …
  • Reduce emissions and noise from ships by providing shore power…
  • Archaeological excavations demonstrate a rich life at Grøtsund in 11,000 BC…
  • Create satisfaction and pride among children and young people in the neighbourhood…
  • Knowledge-based show for young people, Energy on the Loose…
  • Establishment of the Tromsø International School…

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