Passenger terminal at Prostneset

For many years, Tromsø has been in major need of a new passenger terminal for people travelling by Hurtigruten, express boats and regional buses. In June 2018 Tromsø opened its long-awaited terminal.

The terminal has an exciting architectural expression and  contains good service provisions for visitors as well as the local population. The terminal is located close to all the city’s facilities and is a central transport hub. The new Prostneset  consist of three buildings with a combined area of 13 300 m². There are be meeting points, parks and a quayside promenade.

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Fishing port at Breivika

Modell Breivika NordFishing vessels are the most frequently type of vessels that visits Tromsø. Norwegian and Russian vessels constitute a significant proportion of these calls. Fish is at the top of the list when it comes to cargo types loaded and unloaded in Tromsø.

In order to reinforce Tromsø’s position as one of the country’s largest fishing ports, we are building a new fishing port in the north of Breivika. A 200 meters long quay was completetd in 2017.

Harriet Willassen: +47 91 18 19 65 |
Port of Tromsø: +47 77 66 18 50 |

Grøtsund industrial port

We purchased Grøtsund fort in 2006 with a view to establishing a new port and industrial area. The total land area is 1.5 million m².

The first phase of construction was completed in the autumn of 2014 and includes a 130 m long quay with a minimum depth of 22 m, a Ro-Ro ramp, logistics area of 93,000 m² and a new road leading to the area.

The goal is to be a preferred port for storage and transportation of goods and equipment for oil and gas fields and renewable energy development projects. We will also offer facilities for the repair and maintenance of oil rigs, vessels and Subsea equipment.

We have large logistics areas tailor-made for heavy lifting operations available for industrial projects, and quays with a depth of up to 22 m.

Jørn-Even Hanssen: +47 92 82 13 49 |
Port of Tromsø: +47 77 66 18 50 |



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