Creating the Arctic future


We shall increase the value of our owners’ assets through operational improvements and by using the enterprise’s competence to develop attractive infrastructure and services for the port’s users, business and industry, and society with the aim of making Norway, Northern Norway and Tromsø a nationally and internationally competitive actors in the High North.


We attach great importance to maintaining high ethical standards. We expect our partners to have ethical standards that are concurrent with ours.


Our vision and values are a fundamental statement of who we are as a business and how we operate.

  • Courageous
    The Port of Tromsø shall be ambitious. We shall push for business development and innovation. The enterprise shall be foresighted, take advance of opportunities, challenge traditional mindsets and understand and manage elements of risk. We shall consider all innovations and change processes from an overall perspective.
  • Considerate
    The Port of Tromsø shall engage in socially responsible business practices. We shall add value for people, the environment and society by enabling as many people as possible to benefit from the advantages. We shall ensure there are no injuries and work to prevent accidents. We shall have respect for the individual, work to make each other better and create a work environment that promotes learning, wellbeing and health. We shall act within the law and our own ethical guidelines.
  • Credible
    The Port of Tromsø’s words shall be followed by action. We shall persevere, show commitment, be truthful, communicate clearly and unambiguously, be competent and act with integrity. We shall engage in activities to enhance and develop competence internally and externally. We shall exchange ideas, opinions and experiences in order to achieve a fair assessment of decisions and customized solutions that meet expectations.


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