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Port Control | +47 94 17 99 19 |

Waste disposal

The Port of Tromsø has established reception of ship waste in accordance to the Norwegian Pollution Regulations.

Description of our system:

  1. Small and large environmental stations inside the port area for sorted waste, intended for cargo ships, fishing vessels and pleasure crafts.
  2. Smaller amounts of dangerous waste can be delivered at environmental stations inside the port area. For delivery of large amounts of waste container/tank trucks will be provided to collect the waste.
  3. When cruise ships arrive , waste collectors will be present and receive the waste directly.
  4. Before delivery of oily waste, cargo residues and sewage, the declaration form has to be completed.

Environmental stations are marked on our map.

Port Control | +47 94 17 99 19 |


We provide freshwater supplies at our quays with a pump capacity of up to 100 m³/h.

Shore Power

We provide a land-based source of power, 220V/400V.


We offer bunkering at our quays via road tankers or boat.
Bunkering facilities in Tromsø: Bunkeroil,  Shell Norge og Uno-X.


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